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Jorhat Majuli kaziranga tour

Experience the best of Assam with our Jorhat Majuli Kaziranga Tour. This carefully crafted itinerary takes you on a captivating journey through the cultural and natural wonders of this enchanting state. From the historical town of Jorhat to the serene river island of Majuli and the wildlife haven of Kaziranga National Park, prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure. Book your Jorhat Majuli Kaziranga Tour today and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Let the wonders of Assam enchant you as you delve into its rich heritage and natural splendor. Get ready for +an adventure filled with unforgettable experiences, warm hospitality, and lifelong memories.

Day 01: Jorhat (ASSAM)
Arrive Jorhat airport and drive to hotel. Check-in to hotel. Overnight in Jorhat.

DAY 02. Jorhat-Nimatighat-Majuli (ASSAM)
After breakfast drive to Nimatighat (18 kms to ferry ghat) and then take a public ferry to reach Majuli (approx 1 ½ hrs on ferry). On arrival transfer to hotel.Overnight in Majuli.
Majuli is the largest fresh Water mid-river deltoid island in the world. It is situated in the upper reaches of the river Brahmaputra in Assam. This Island, with a population of 1.6 Lakhs, majority being tribal, is endowed with rich heritage and has been the abode of the neo-Vaishnavite culture. The island is a bio-diversity hotspot and has rich ecology with rare species of flora and fauna.
From the beginning of their settlement in the island the people of Majuli have been facing the challenge of roaring force of nature like river Brahmaputra and have acquired the art of utilizing this mighty force of nature for their benefit. With the advent of Vaishnava saint of Assam the people have made their tiny island a Nerve Center of Assamese Religion, Art, Culture and Education and they have been preserving it as a living culture for the last five hundred years against all challenge of calamities - natural, political and social. This is a unique in this world and deserves recognition. Majuli for the past five centuries has been the cultural capital of Assam. The main depositories of cultural and spiritual heritage are the Sattras, which are just like Gurukul (hermitages) of yore. Here up to 400 celibates' stay for life preserving spiritual and cultural heritage, renouncing worldly desires. From the time of the great Vaishnavite renaissance of 14th and 15th century AD, under Srimanta Sankardeva, Srimanta Madhab Deva and other saints this island became the seat of Vaishnavite religion, art and culture. The famous SatriyaNritya (Dance) and AnkiyaBhaona (Traditional Drama) created by Sankardeva are now internationally acclaimed and nationally honoured. Majuli is equally famous for Tribal Folk Culture and Heritage. It is said to be the cradle of Missing and Deori cultures. The ancient Indian "GURU SISHYA PARAMPARA" system of education is prevalent only in the Satra Institutions of Majuli, Assam. The system confines the universal code, humanitarianism, the path of devotion, renunciation, truth, non-violence, well-being of the people, liberation from birth and death, under restrain, charity and compassion. The antique social customs of indigenous Assamese society are in practice only in the Sattras of Majuli in lineage system. In the sattra institutions of Majuli there is ample scope for learning every faculty required for leading a cleansing successful life.

DAY 03. Majuli (ASSAM)
After breakfast visit the Sattras in and around Majuli. Overnight in Majuli.

DAY 04. Majuli – Kaziranga (ASSAM)
After breakfast check out and take the return ferry to Nimatighat. Later transfer to Kaziranga (100 Kms / 2 hrs drives). Reach Kaziranga and check into hotel. Overnight in Kaziranga.
Kaziranga National Park:
In the heart of Assam, covering an area of 430 sq-kms, is inhabited by the world's largest population of one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as many mammals, including tigers, elephants, panthers and bears, and thousands of birds. In 1985, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its unique natural environment.
Note: This is for your information that elephant ride and jeep safari and forest entry are regulated and controlled by the forest dept. Govt. of Assam. As such we do not have any control for booking of elephant seats and entry by jeeps

DAY 05: Kaziranga (ASSAM)
After breakfast enjoy the Park on a Jeep.Evening visit tea garden and local villages.Overnight at Kaziranga.

DAY 06. Kaziranga – Jorhat Airport drop (ASSAM) After breakfast check out and drop to Jorhat airport.
Note: Cost On Request...

The tour commences in Jorhat, known as the tea capital of Assam. Explore the town's colonial charm, visit the famous tea gardens, and indulge in a tea tasting session to savor the flavors of Assam's renowned tea. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the region as you explore the grand Ahom-era monuments, including the Raja Maidam and the Talatal Ghar.

Next, venture to Majuli, the world's largest river island. Majuli offers a unique glimpse into Assam's rich cultural heritage. Discover the traditions and customs of the indigenous tribes, such as the Mishing and Deori communities. Witness their vibrant dances, traditional music, and exquisite handloom crafts. Explore the sacred Satras, monastic institutions that preserve the unique Vaishnavite culture of the region. These Satras are also renowned for their impressive dance dramas and musical performances. From Majuli, the tour takes you to the renowned Kaziranga National Park. Brace yourself for thrilling wildlife encounters as you embark on exciting jeep safaris and elephant rides through the park's diverse habitats. Marvel at the majestic one-horned rhinoceros, which finds its largest concentration here. Keep an eye out for other iconic species, including tigers, elephants, swamp deer, and an array of birdlife. Immerse yourself in the park's natural beauty, as you traverse through the tall grasslands, dense forests, and tranquil water bodies.

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Assam as you traverse through Jorhat, Majuli, and Kaziranga. Create memories that will last a lifetime and discover the true essence of this remarkable state.

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"My family trip was excellent and we really enjoyed the trip. Your team was very com operative incl Mr.Raktim who was very helpful during our tour tenure. My sincere thanks on behalf my entire family."

Thanks for assisting us on our tour of northeast during Christmas vacations. Our stay and travel to most of the areas was co.mfortable.

Mrs . Manik Gade
Thanks for a wonderful trip, most of the hotels were high above our expectations and your drivers were very efficient, polite, kind and helpful.

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